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AE模板 E3d发光3D玻璃霓虹灯机械组装logo展示 Videohive Construction Glass Neon Logo 免费下载

AE模板 E3d发光3D玻璃霓虹灯机械组装logo展示 Videohive Construction Glass Neon Logo 19413921 由 Videohive 出品的AE模板。


  • 适用于 AE CC 2015 及以上AE
  • 全高清1080P
  • 需要Video Copilot Element 3D V2插件
  • 提供视频教程
  • 包括音乐


AE模板 E3d发光3D玻璃霓虹灯机械组装logo展示 AE模板 E3d发光3D玻璃霓虹灯机械组装logo展示


After Effects Template

This is an impressive high attention glow stroke logo reveal or opener for one logo or any vector shape with cinematic neon light glass style by real 3D usage direct in After Effects. The project will serve your logo or title message in a heavy complex glass stroke way with a great 3D look. This logo reveal and the included synced soundtrack lets your video stay in mind after the show. E3D gives you the possibilty for changing everything of the template and no pre-renders are used. Easy change the colors and place your own vector logo or converted text as 3D vector title in minutes by just copy and paste – Render and Smile


  • Video Copilot Element 3D V2 (2.2)
  • —————
  • PLEASE make sure you have the latest version of all required software installed and running


  • Big Show Logo Sting or Opener
  • 3D Glass Light Titles
  • Special Event Promo
  • App Releases
  • Product Reveal
  • Action and Sports
  • Club and Music
  • Fashion and Products
  • Space and Galaxy Projects
  • SciFi and Games
  • Promo Screens
  • Personal Projects


  • No pre-renders – all is done inside After Effects and you can edit everything of the template
  • Created in After Effects CC 2015 and also exported for CC 2014 (should work)
  • Duration 0:20
  • Works with any logo – shape – text from vector file like EPS
  • Well written expressions for use in other languages
  • Included Soundtrack
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • 25 fps
  • 2 Video Tutorials (for item customizing and E3D logo replace)
  • Fast Render time is about 1 hour on a MAC 8-core 32 GB RAM 6 GB Graphic


Special made Soundtrack is included and ready to go


  • 100% After Effects – Beginner should only customize the content and others can edit everything in detail
  • Place your logo for great cinematic neon glass stroke reveal
  • Paste any vector logo or shape (Explained in the logo replace tutorial – also the dirty way of using bitmap logos)
  • Change all colors
  • Adjust LED Holder density for more black moving pieces
  • Adjust LED Holder moving speed
  • Adjust size and position for your 3D object
  • Use your own sound files

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